Friday, July 15, 2016

My Writing Buddy

I enjoy a cat sitting on my lap while I'm writing.  Last year our cat disappeared, so after 6 months of praying for his return, I began to ask for a new one, also.

The Lord sent me to our neighbors for house sitting their cats while they worked out of town for the winter.  After that, I went back to praying for a cat.

Just recently another neighbor's cat had kittens and she found homes for all but one, so she asked us.  This kitten had a cross on her back, so I took this as a sign!

But to make sure, I told her we must pray about this first and would let her know.  I prayed and the Lord said, yes!

My husband prayed and had many good reasons why this wasn't a good time to add another expense.  A big reason being the medical bills from when he was sick.

I passed this problem on to Jesus because if He wanted me to have this kitten, He would need to convince my husband.  The next day my husband surprised me with all the things to take care of a kitten and a card confirming we could get her.

Thank, You, Jesus for this miracle and making my path easy!  Jesus is available 24/7 any where for any thing.

Friday, July 8, 2016


This world is Satan's evil kingdom, so don't expect anything.  People are sinful and selfish, so don't expect anything.

If people want relief from their suffering and fear, they must first seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness.  When people accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, they get off the broad path to hell and gain eternal life.

In a close personal relationship with Jesus, believers have His supernatural help and protection.  They, also, get His direction and wisdom in their daily back and forth communication with Him.

This life is a gift, a brief adventure and an opportunity to do things that will last forever.  Since Jesus is the way, truth and life, He is the only actual reality and everything else is an illusion.

Friday, July 1, 2016

The Love Test

My husband and I have been praying to be one with the Lord.  Then we had similar dreams about love.

God told us that we needed to pass our test on love before we can become one and begin our ministry together.  To pass this test on love, we must love the Lord God first by being obedient to Him.

Loving the Lord means we are obedient to His will only.  To do this, we must know the Bible, pray for holy direction, recognize His answer and do what He wants.

This spiritual lifestyle requires us to not follow the world's way of doing things but God's way of doing things.  When we do not put God first by following His will, we can't love like He commands.

This high standard requires supernatural power to accomplish, so we must allow Jesus to be the Lord of our whole life.  Thank You, Jesus, for being available to direct us 24/7, any where for any thing.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Evil World

From a spiritual perspective, it doesn't matter where a person lives because this whole world is Satan's kingdom.  He is an equal opportunity abuser and hates everyone.

People can be senselessly killing each other, starving to death in poverty or destroying themselves with money in any country.  The types of suffering in this world are endless and it doesn't matter the location, economic level, race, size, age, sex, etc.

No matter what country people are from, trials and tribulations are the great equalizer.  The only medicine that takes away this pain is the out-of-this-world love that comes from God.

Our only source for this supernatural love comes from Jesus Christ.  He is our equal opportunity Savior because He loves everyone unconditionally. 

When filled with His love, we receive His joy for any circumstances, and all we need to do is abide in Him and let His word abide in us.  Jesus' help is available 24/7 at any location with sincere, fervent prayer.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Perseverance and Maturity

Apostle James said that Christians should consider it a joy whenever we face trials of any kind because this tests our faith which develops the perseverance that makes us mature and complete.  Well, this is a good description of my life right now.

In the last month, I've had sick family members, money disappear, demons show up and not feeling well myself.  I think my Heavenly Father is giving me the opportunity to become mature and complete.

While we get an earthly father, he doesn't always know what is best for us, but our Father God always knows and does what we need to grow spiritually.  It is awesome to be learning things for eternity and not just this brief time here.

Happy Father's Day to my Heavenly Father that loves me unconditionally and always does what is best for me.  Thank You for Your Spirit that guides and protects me 24/7!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Pray For Your Country

This upcoming week I will meet with other Christians to pray for our country at our state's capital.  The Lord wants us to pray for our nation and its leaders.

As Christians, we are in spiritual warfare from a personal to a national level.  The only way we can win spiritual battles is through prayer.

When we link up with Jesus through the power of prayer, we are winners because He already defeated Satan at the cross.  Christ Jesus died and rose again physically from the grave to reconcile everyone who believes in Him with the Creator Father.

So in a relationship with Jesus, we have salvation from our sins and directions to keep us safe from spiritual evil in this wicked world.  Thank You, Jesus, for being available 24/7 any where when we pray to You for help.

Friday, June 3, 2016


So far this year I have lost $200, and I hold on to my money, at least up until this year.  Every time the Lord told me I would lose this money even before it happened.

And every time I disagreed and said that I would be careful and not lose it.  My opinion was based on the past years but the Lord knows the future.

This last time I asked Him what I should do to prevent losing the money when He told me I would lose it. He said to hand it back to the person that just gave it to me, which I did not do.

This time I said that I would be more careful about not losing it, but it was not possible and I still lost it.  The Lord is teaching me that obedience far exceeds any knowledge of the past, the world or human ability.

Obedience takes the desire to put God first and the self control to do it in a relationship with Jesus for His direction and strength.  This is a very uncomfortable but important lesson to learn.

Thank You, Jesus, for teaching me how to become like You!  Jesus is available 24/7 anywhere in the world for spiritual growth, comfort and protection.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Evil Attack

As Christians, we are in spiritual warfare against evil, so we must be prepared all the time.  We prepare for these battles by praying so much that it becomes an automatic response, even when awakened from a sound sleep.

This is what happened to my husband a few nights ago.  He woke up suddenly because claws were wrapped around his ankles pulling him to the foot of the bed.

Lifting up his head, he saw a huge dark dragon-like humanoid form with red eyes at the foot of our bed in the moonlight.  My husband felt its evil desire to joyfully devour him, and he was terrified.

Immediately, he called on Jesus for help and it disappeared.  Then he was gently slid back onto his pillow at the top of the bed and lovingly put back to sleep.

As I looked at the marks on his ankles the next morning, I told him that I, too, had seen demons.  Spiritual warfare is a miraculous blessing because it shows us that we are a threat to the devil, so we must be doing good work for Jesus.

Thank You, Jesus, for saving us from evil any where, at any time and in any situation!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Coming and Going

Jesus strengthens me as I help so many suffering people right now that I don't know whether I'm coming or going.  I hate to see suffering, and there is so much of it here.

In our suffering, we have an opportunity to stop, evaluate our lives, call out to God and grow spiritually.  I have witnessed this miracle in others and myself many times.

Even the Bible says that Jesus learned obedience through His suffering.  How wonderful that our suffering can have an eternal purpose!

Thank You, Jesus, for Your example, understanding and 24/7 help.  We can do all things through Christ, Who strengths us!

Friday, May 13, 2016

The Miracle of Marriage

A friend of mine got married this past week and the couple's joy filled the church.  I had been praying for about two years for the Lord to send my friend a soul mate, and He did.

Their relationship has been a series of miracles from their meeting to the wedding and honeymoon.  When the Lord brings a couple together under His direction, their holy unity and unconditional love is awesome to witness.

This type of marriage is a reflection of Christ and His church.  With Jesus as our Groom and us Christians as His bride, we are all in an incredible relationship of overflowing love and pure holiness.

However, Christians have the free will to not experience this supernatural love with Jesus when we do not let Him direct our lives.  But this miraculous relationship can happen at any time when we pray and repent.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Celebrate Mother's Day With Prayer

I know many Christian mothers that worry themselves sick about their children.  They say that worrying is part of being a mother, so they will do it until they die.

Worry is fear.  Apostle Paul wrote that Christ does not give us a spirit of fear, but of a sound mind.

Christ Jesus said that when we abide in Him and His word, He will give us continuous overflowing joy.  How can we have both excessive joy and know our children are suffering?

We must pray for our children and to build our own faith because worry is a lack of faith.  I have seen Jesus deliver people from addictions, illness, selfishness and even death with amazing miracles to give them eternal life.

When my daughter was dying in the hospital, I prayed for help and the Lord Jesus came to me.  He gave me His love, peace, strength and reassurance that He was in control of this situation, so I did not need to worry.

After my daughter came out of her coma, she was delivered from a deadly addiction and ready to follow Jesus.  Mothers need to pray for their children and build their faith in the One with supernatural power to change all circumstances.

Friday, April 29, 2016

To Be or To Do

Jesus has been teaching my husband and I about being.  This is a lot more work than doing.

We have read books on how to be like Jesus, which includes the Bible.  And the Lord has been giving us lots of insights and dreams on this important subject.

However, worldly thinking is very difficult to change because it is constantly being reinforced.  I still was not getting it and continued to pray for Jesus to give me more to do for Him.

Finally Jesus came to me when I was praying and said, "Susan, you are praying wrong."  "You need to pray to be like Me, because only then will you be able to do more for Me."

Thank You, Jesus, for this clear message that even I could not miss!  I now pray to be like Jesus, and He is available for any one, any where and at any time.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Humility and Prayer

Last Sunday at my evening service, I had a strange experience.  The pastor had called us to the front altar for a renewal and we were feeling the Lord's presence.

Since the altar was full, I was kneeling at a front pew.  Just after the pastor prayed out loud for us to have a new experience, the pew I was leaning on began to rock.

I opened my eyes and looked around because I thought we were having an earthquake.  Nothing was moving except my pew.

It was rocking about 1-2 inches back and forth.  These are big traditional, heavy wooden bolted down and not "able" to move pews.

When I got up the rocking stopped and when I knelt back down it started again.  The Lord gave me an external sign to reinforce what He had been teaching me about the importance of humility and prayer bringing me closer into His presence.

Thank You, Jesus, for wanting a miraculous relationship with each one of us that is available any where and any place with humble, sincere prayer.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Jesus Vs. Other Gods

I just finished reading a wonderful book, Jesus Among Other Gods, by Ravi Zacharias.  Mr. Zacharias is one of the leading apologists for the Christian faith but began his life as a Hindu.

The author compares Christianity and what Jesus said to the other major religions, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, pantheism, New Age and Humanism.  All regions cannot be right because each one has a particular way of defining who God is and is not, which then defines its followers’ life purpose.

Christianity is the only religion based on a person that said He was the only way to God and that we can each personally know God and absolute truth.  Jesus Christ did not only teach His message, He was identical with His message because He is God.

Jesus gives His believers a standard of spiritual love to follow that is way above any other religion’s moral requirements.  And along with this high standard, Christians get Jesus Christ’s supernatural help in a close personal relationship with Him.

When Christianity is compared to other religions, Christ and His love is truly a miracle.  Jesus is available to any one, any where at any time for a miraculous life change.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Working For Jesus

When the Lord first called me into a ministry, I didn't want to do it.  I didn't grow up in church and didn't feel qualified.

What I had to learn was that I don't need knowledge, qualifications or church experience.  All I needed was to learn from Jesus and be available for the Holy Spirit to use me.

Recently, my pastor asked me to preach this Sunday evening at church.  I already knew this would happen because the Lord woke me up in middle of the night to tell me what to say.

I have asked the Lord to wake me up at night because I'm busy during the day and so He does.  Slowly I'm learning how to work for Jesus by relying on Him, which is not at all what the world teaches.

Thank You, Jesus, for not only being a Great Employer but my Best Friend, Savior, Teacher and Lord.  Jesus is available any where, any time under any circumstances with sincere, fervent prayer!

Friday, April 1, 2016

The Lord Prepares Us

The Lord always prepares me for what's to come but doesn't always tell me why I'm getting ready.  This last week I went shopping at the Christian store and left with a bag of World Vision magazines.

Then the Lord told me to bring them to the Wednesday evening study at church.  There I discovered the pastor asking for ideas on how the church could help improve the world.

I was all prepared with my World Vision magazine on its work about bringing clean water to the world and extra ones as handouts for everyone.  World Vision has brought clean water to over 2 billion people but there are still 7800 million people that need it, and this information can be found from its link on my home page web site.

Thank you, Lord, for directing my steps and preparing me to do your good work.  Jesus is available 24/7 for anyone about anything with the supernatural power to solve any problem.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Why Bad Things Happen

The Lord told me to write a brochure on why bad things happen, so I did.  When I sit down to write, I never know what the Holy Spirit will say through me, and I learn as much as others do.

The basic reason on why bad things happen is because there is not enough love in this world.  God created us to be with Him and gave us free will to choose.

God is unconditional love.  If we choose to obey Him, we would be unconditionally loving, too, and what a difference that would make to this world.

God loves us to much that He came into this world as Christ Jesus to personally show us the way to Him.  When people reject God, selfishness and evil replaces His way of unconditional love.

If you want more information on this subject, sign up for my email list and you will receive this brochure free in my next newsletter.  Or pray and ask Lord Jesus to be your Savior and teach you about unconditional love, too.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Being Good Partners

Since March is my physical and spiritual birthday, I asked the Lord to give me a gift this month.  And what I wanted was spiritual growth and left the details up to the Lord.

In the same night of my birthday this past week, my husband and I had similar dreams with the same themes.  Our dreams were long, so I won't go into details, but I will share the themes, which are the important parts for spiritual growth.

Both of our dreams had the same three major points, which are as follows.  My husband does not agree with what I am doing, he becomes involved in my life choices but worries about it and these decisions endanger our relationship.

While we agreed this was a reflection of our life together, the best solution to this problem was prayer.  As Christians, we have the perfect marriage Counselor, Jesus Christ.

Jesus will teach us how to be good partners, because He wants His followers to be a loving team.  This applies not only to married couples, but to all of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Learning Oneness

With the supernatural help of Jesus Christ, my husband overcame depression in 2014.  Our next challenge was to have harmony in our relationship, because we discovered last year how we could disagree over nothing.

This year we became closer as the Lord Jesus is working to bring us into the unity we have been praying to reach.  The most important lesson we have learned is how to listen better and not jump to conclusions.

The Holy Spirit taught us this lesson by telling us to stop and not speak before we opened our mouths to disagree.  Then He would tell us to really listen as the other person is speaking, and we learned that the other person agreed but had a different angle.

Listening is a far more difficult skill to master than speaking.  Without this miraculous correction during our conversations, we would still be clueless.

Thank You, Jesus, for teaching us Your loving ways of conversation!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Miraculous Eyesight

Our eyesight is such a miracle!  Since 10 years old, I have used glasses for distance and this loss has helped me appreciate my eyesight.

Because of my ministry, I carry a compact Bible all the time in my purse.  If my ability to see this very small print starts to blur, I pray for clear vision.

The people my age and even younger use reading glasses or bifocals but I do not.  This miracle came to my attention in church last Sunday when people around me keep asking how I could read such small print.

The only answer I could give was, "God."  The Lord Jesus heals and will come to us, any where at any time.

Thank You, Jesus!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Biggest Miracle

This past week, I've seen healing and provision miracles.  And there have been lots of trials and tribulations, too.

This reminds me of my favorite book, 90 Minutes In Heaven, that was made into a movie that I recently watched.

It tells the true story of a minister that died in a car accident and 90 minutes later another minister stopped to pray for him, and he came back to life.

This story has many miracles in it, like a visit to heaven, surviving impossible odds, many Christians praying for his recovery, etc.  But the biggest miracle of all was how this man grew spiritually from his experience.

When things go our way, we rarely learn anything or even appreciate it.  But when awful suffering stops us, we have an opportunity for change by beginning or building a relationship with Lord Jesus because He gives us the supernatural support for great improvement.

Friday, February 19, 2016


I have prayed for peace for others and they usually don't get any.  I pray for peace for myself and always get it.

Why do I get peace and others don't?  We have to want it more than our dramas, which include worry, anxiety, anger, control, depression, unrealistic expectations, etc.

Inner peace comes when we unattach ourselves from the cares of this world and attach ourselves to Jesus for spiritual growth.  Only He can give us the miraculous peace that surpasses all understanding in all situations.

Friday, February 12, 2016

My Recent Book

It took me three years to finish my last book this past week and not because it's long.  This ebook is only 14 pages but it was very challenging.

The challenging part was not writing the book because the Holy Spirit tells me what to write or directs me where to get the information.  The challenging part was the subject.

This book is about being a disciple for Lord Jesus, which requires complete submission to Him - 100%.  I didn't want to do this and found writing this book to be very convicting.

My book is done and my desire is for my will to be the same as my Lord Jesus.  Thank You, Jesus, for Your patience, mercy, love, understanding and direction!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Spiritual Regrets

Two good friends of mine died last year.  I feel sad because I miss them, but I feel joyful because they're in heaven with Jesus.

It was our mutual love for Jesus that drew us together as friends.  They were both very complex people.

They shared stories of great spiritual triumphs when they were on a mission for our Lord.  They also told me of the ones that haunted them because they told Jesus, "No."

This is the story of all Christians.  Sometimes we are obedient and sometimes we are disobedient.

While we can't be perfect, we can pray for help to become as much like Christ as possible, so obedience is a high percentage and we don't live with regrets.  For our own good, Jesus Christ want to be the Lord of our whole life and not just a part.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Decisions, Decisions

Every day we make hundreds of decisions usually based on our worldly programming.  This programming in our heads begins the moment our brains and senses are developed enough in the womb to integrate information and continues until we die. 

The Lord wants me to stop blindly doing what I've learned and follow His advice.  My mother taught me when I was a teenager to put money in my pants pocket so I don't lose it.

So like I always do, I put the twenties in my pocket, but the Lord told me to not do this because I would lose it.  I thought this couldn't happen because I had done this with no problem for over 40 years, so I put it in my pocket.

Unfortunately, when I went to pull my money out to buy my groceries, it was gone.  Sometimes history repeats itself and sometimes it doesn't.

Even with supernatural help, we have to be open to following it and not just do what we have always done.  When we follow our worldly programming, we are not following our Lord Jesus.

Dear Lord, I am sorry that I ignored Your good advice.  Please forgive me and open my mind to Your advice in the future.  Thank You, Jesus, for helping me!  Amen

Friday, January 15, 2016


While my resolution was to be more obedient this year, I found myself quickly in disobedience after making this promise.  I needed a new cell phone, so I went to the store and purchased one.

This had always been a simple process in the past but not this time.  After returning the 3rd phone this week because something was wrong, I realized that I should have prayed for direction.

It is so easy to make decisions based on assumptions instead of being patient and praying for directions.  Obviously God had something else planned for me instead of a simple purchase.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for my life of adventure!  This exciting life of holy direction is only a prayer away.

Friday, January 8, 2016

A Gift Of Health

Looking back at 2015, there are many experiences that stand out.  One unusual thing was menopause.

After meeting so many women with horrible stories of suffering from going through menopause, I was curious about what it would be like for me, because Jesus takes such good care of my health.  Well, it was very uneventful.

At first I thought maybe I was pregnant but after eight months of no symptoms, I decided it must be menopause.  I experienced no suffering, needed no medication and the only symptom was no menstruating, which was great.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for Your gift of good health for me.  This free gift is available 24/7 anywhere for everyone through prayer!

Friday, January 1, 2016

A New Year

The Lord told me I was going to be a pastor and start a church.  But I'm thinking this world doesn't need another church.

I attend two very different churches, but I'm not a fan of religion because I personally know God.  I know what He wants for us and how we settle for so much less with religion.

We use ministers, rituals and traditions as a substitute for a close personal relationship with our Lord.  I find this all silly and small.

However, my new year's resolution is to be more obedient, so I agreed with Him.  And since starting a church means I will need more money, I received a check for $500 this past week to put towards it.

Dumping my negativity about church and completely opening up to the Lord's leading will truly make this next year a new one.  Thank You, Jesus, for directing my life!