Friday, July 27, 2012

Consequences Are Good

The Bible book of 2 Samuel tells about King David's life as ruler of Israel. 

Despite having multiple wives and concubines, David seduced a married woman, got her pregnant and had her husband killed in war.  Then David married her and planned on keeping all of this a secret, but God sent His Prophet Nathan to explain the consequences.

We all have secrets from the world that we do not want revealed and pretend that God does not know them.  We cannot hide from our Creator, and the more responsible we are, the more accountable we are. 

While we do not all have a prophet to explain our consequences, we all experience these results from our actions, whether we understand them or not.

With consequences from our behavior, we can learn to change and have the opportunity for improvement. 

Consequences make us understand how foolish and destructive our human thinking can be, so we will seek forgiveness and salvation from our Lord, which is just a prayer away.

Friday, July 20, 2012

We Need God's Help

In the Bible book of 1 Samuel, there are many examples of human failures. 

Samuel replaced Priest Eli and his sons because of their corruption.  After Saul was king, he gave in to public opinion instead of following God, so David had to replace him.

This corrupt world demands conformity and hates anyone that thinks independently.  When people follow God, they must become independent thinkers with out-of-this world beliefs. 

To obtain true spirituality, we must ask our Heavenly Father for help and expect to be outcasts.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Truth Brings Love

The book of Ruth in the Bible tells the story of how Ruth found love. 

Ruth was raised a Moabite and her people worshiped many gods.  She married into a family of Israelites and realized the truth, so she converted to worshiping the one true God.

When real truth comes, it brings opportunity along.  The problem is discerning truth from illusion.

Ruth followed her heart and this lead to eternal happiness and love.  Not only did she become a believer, but the great grandmother of King David and ancestor of Jesus Christ. 

If we truly listen to our hearts, we can all find the same happiness and love.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Listen, Think And Become Wise

After the death of their leaders, the Israelites in the Bible book of Judges went astray with their idol worshiping.  Then God would discipline them and raise up a wise judge to lead them, either a man or woman.

Most humans need a spiritual leader to follow because they do not think for themselves or listen to God.  When people listen to the world and follow public opinion, they can find themselves moving in the wrong direction.

The biblical judges became wise because they were independent thinkers and listened to God.  With out-of-this-world wisdom available 24/7, everyone can become spiritually wise by sincerely seeking it through prayer.