Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Biggest Miracle

This past week, I've seen healing and provision miracles.  And there have been lots of trials and tribulations, too.

This reminds me of my favorite book, 90 Minutes In Heaven, that was made into a movie that I recently watched.

It tells the true story of a minister that died in a car accident and 90 minutes later another minister stopped to pray for him, and he came back to life.

This story has many miracles in it, like a visit to heaven, surviving impossible odds, many Christians praying for his recovery, etc.  But the biggest miracle of all was how this man grew spiritually from his experience.

When things go our way, we rarely learn anything or even appreciate it.  But when awful suffering stops us, we have an opportunity for change by beginning or building a relationship with Lord Jesus because He gives us the supernatural support for great improvement.

Friday, February 19, 2016


I have prayed for peace for others and they usually don't get any.  I pray for peace for myself and always get it.

Why do I get peace and others don't?  We have to want it more than our dramas, which include worry, anxiety, anger, control, depression, unrealistic expectations, etc.

Inner peace comes when we unattach ourselves from the cares of this world and attach ourselves to Jesus for spiritual growth.  Only He can give us the miraculous peace that surpasses all understanding in all situations.

Friday, February 12, 2016

My Recent Book

It took me three years to finish my last book this past week and not because it's long.  This ebook is only 14 pages but it was very challenging.

The challenging part was not writing the book because the Holy Spirit tells me what to write or directs me where to get the information.  The challenging part was the subject.

This book is about being a disciple for Lord Jesus, which requires complete submission to Him - 100%.  I didn't want to do this and found writing this book to be very convicting.

My book is done and my desire is for my will to be the same as my Lord Jesus.  Thank You, Jesus, for Your patience, mercy, love, understanding and direction!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Spiritual Regrets

Two good friends of mine died last year.  I feel sad because I miss them, but I feel joyful because they're in heaven with Jesus.

It was our mutual love for Jesus that drew us together as friends.  They were both very complex people.

They shared stories of great spiritual triumphs when they were on a mission for our Lord.  They also told me of the ones that haunted them because they told Jesus, "No."

This is the story of all Christians.  Sometimes we are obedient and sometimes we are disobedient.

While we can't be perfect, we can pray for help to become as much like Christ as possible, so obedience is a high percentage and we don't live with regrets.  For our own good, Jesus Christ want to be the Lord of our whole life and not just a part.