Friday, September 27, 2013

My Awakening

As a new Christian, I had God's guidance but did not always follow it.  I had relied on myself so much that I could not seem to understand or accept this new way of living.

After my many "no's" to God and then suffering the consequences from His discipline, I finally realized my foolishness.  Every time I finished what He told me to do, I always grew spiritually and learned that no matter how difficult the task appeared God would help make it happen.

The unpredictable support from humans was my frame of reference, but this did not apply in a relationship with God.  Supernatural support always involves miracles and amazing experiences to get the job done.

Thank you, Lord, for my discipline!  Pray to live a spiritual adventure!

Friday, September 20, 2013

God Disciplines His Own

After going to many networking shows and meetings to promote Tranquil Hearts, I was stopped in my tracks by a nose bleed.  I never had a nose bleed before and these ones kept getting worse.

One day as my nose was bleeding so bad that I was having trouble breathing, I realized I could die.  I had prayed for help, but God seemed to be unavailable.

Suddenly, I realized that my refusal to follow God's directions could have something to do with my nose bleeds and His silence.  So I repented and my nose stopped bleeding. 

Then I corrected my transgressions by reading the Bible, writing books, reducing the networking, etc.  

I'm grateful God stopped my rebellion and brought me to my senses for spiritual growth.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Pray For Protection

While out walking my dog in the woods, I saw the neighbor's dog running loose barking and growling at us.  Months earlier, we almost had a fight with this same dog but his owner had grabbed him in time.

Now this big dog was only about 30 ft away heading for us with no owner chasing him.  As the dog ran behind some bushes to catch up, we turned and went down a different path.

I did not want a dog fight, so I started to pray while I walked.  As my dog and I ambled on through the woods and back home, we never saw the mean dog again.

Thank you, Lord!  Protection is only a prayer away. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Prayer Makes A Difference

As I struggled in my life to figure out how to bring together worldly beliefs and spiritual knowledge, my father had a massive stroke.  The doctors told us the damage was so extensive that he could not live.

Because he's an atheist, I went daily to his hospital room and prayed for his salvation.  

While my father did not become a Christian, he did miraculously survive and return home.  God gave him another chance for salvation, and I still continue to pray for him.

Prayer makes a difference!