Friday, January 29, 2016

Decisions, Decisions

Every day we make hundreds of decisions usually based on our worldly programming.  This programming in our heads begins the moment our brains and senses are developed enough in the womb to integrate information and continues until we die. 

The Lord wants me to stop blindly doing what I've learned and follow His advice.  My mother taught me when I was a teenager to put money in my pants pocket so I don't lose it.

So like I always do, I put the twenties in my pocket, but the Lord told me to not do this because I would lose it.  I thought this couldn't happen because I had done this with no problem for over 40 years, so I put it in my pocket.

Unfortunately, when I went to pull my money out to buy my groceries, it was gone.  Sometimes history repeats itself and sometimes it doesn't.

Even with supernatural help, we have to be open to following it and not just do what we have always done.  When we follow our worldly programming, we are not following our Lord Jesus.

Dear Lord, I am sorry that I ignored Your good advice.  Please forgive me and open my mind to Your advice in the future.  Thank You, Jesus, for helping me!  Amen

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