Friday, August 30, 2013

God Fluxes Time

One of the many great advantages of being in a personal relationship with the Creator is having Him teach me.  I loved science and was intrigued with the concept of time.

God told me that time is a created illusion to help us learn easier.  When I asked Him to show me this, time fluxed for weeks.

I would leave early and get places late or leave on time and get places impossibly early.  My life became chaotic, so I prayed for help.

The Lord quickly responded, as my faith and understanding of His creation grew.  While the things of this world have value, I learned that the much surer path is prayer.

Friday, August 23, 2013

God Sends Help

After meeting God and receiving the motivation I needed, I decided to begin my new advising career.  My next step was to get a website, but I tried and failed.

Then I went back to the Lord for help and got directed to place an ad on the internet.  Over 80 web designers responded but only one name jumped out, Anna Marie.

Anna Marie was my Great-grandmother's name, which is the reason my middle name is Marie.  I contacted Web Designer Anna Marie to discover that she was exactly the person I had prayed for, effective communicator, professional, skillful, team player, easy going, creative, intelligent and oh, so nice.  I love nice!

Thank you, Lord, for bringing Anna into my life to help me.  Remember everyone, help is only a prayer away!

Friday, August 16, 2013

God Will Confirm

Even after I knew God wanted me to help others, I doubted my ability.  So, I prayed and asked the Lord to send a stranger at the next art show to tell me I would be good doing this for confirmation.

Since the odds of this happening was almost zero, I planned on continuing in the art field.  However, God had a definite plan for me.

At the art show, He sent a complete stranger to tell me how good I would be at advising others.  Shocked, I asked him how he knew this, and he said that he could tell and gave me a list of my attributes.

Well, this new career was moving forward with prayers and signs.  

Pray for signs to help you with unbelief!

Friday, August 9, 2013

God Protects

After receiving the Holy Spirit, any questions I asked Him were immediately answered.  I felt strange but empowered, so I decided to try out my new life.

For my birthday on March 15, I went barefoot on a spiritual walk through an unmarked forest in a large state park without a map or compass.  I was curious if I would get lost or hurt.

Even after many hours, I always knew where I was without so much as a scratch, and I easily returned unharmed to civilization.  God protected me not only from wildlife but sticks and stones, too.

I had a truly blessed birthday.  Pray for God's blessings!

Friday, August 2, 2013

On A Mission

After changing and adjusting under God's direction for about five months, He told me to teach others what I know.  I said, "no."  While I enjoyed spiritual growth, I knew a business about this would not make money.

However, the Lord does not take "no" for an answer.  When a hornet stung me, I gave it no thought because I'm not allergic until my hand swelled and throbbed.

Then this reaction moved up my arm until my daughter cam over for advice.  As I advised her, the swelling and pain went down.

With input from the Holy Spirit, I realized that following God's Will and my destiny were one and same.  What a joy to work for Someone that knows me better than I know myself and only has my best interests at heart. 

Pray for God's direction!