Friday, October 29, 2010

Seeking Visionaries

My business has provided me with the opportunity to meet and help some wonderful people that have enriched my life greatly with their beliefs and ideas. I would classify all of these people as visionaries because they search for the knowledge to improve their lives (as in the big picture) and not just solve a problem.

Visionaries are creative thinkers that recognize the benefits of an open mind and facilitating change to obtain their dreams. These people work hard and utilize self-discipline to become the amazing individuals they were born to be.

It has been such a joy working with these people that I am always seeking more visionaries to teach. Individuals that want to gain life-long applicable skills for happiness, confidence, peace and health.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Are We Compatible?

Relationship compatibility questions come up pretty often with people, and no wonder considering the divorce rate. Problems can occur when choices are based on the subconscious desire to seek out the familiar relationship pattern learned from influential, childhood authority figures.

If the relationships were beneficial and enjoyable with these authority figures, any future attachments would be wonderful, too. However, people often have compatibility problems with them and a desire to resolve these issues, so they attempt to change the past by selecting the same type of dissimilar people for partners – and the conflict continues.

However, this situation will improve once people recognize that differences can be good and quit repeating their childhood role. As adults, people can stop reacting and start thinking before responding to a comment or situation.

Successful relationships require excellent communication, and with the greater the differences between the couple, the greater the work this is to obtain. When striving for understanding, it can be effectively accomplished with role reversal.

Role reversal is pretending to be the other person and calmly explaining his or her view for clarification, which means NO sarcasm, judgments, insults, etc. Another method is to strive for discernment by asking and answering information-gathering questions for insight and acceptance.

Along with communication, people must have a foundation upon which to build their relationship. The basis for this support is mutual acceptance, respect and values because people need to not only love each other but like each other, as well.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Tranquil Hearts Origin

This business started because I wanted to share the fast, simple methods for changing beliefs that took me over 30 years to learn. However, what to call my business?

After I had removed enough negative beliefs and expanded my perceptions to include a personal relationship with God, I learned that The Lord has an interesting opinion. God told me to use the word tranquility and tranquil for my business.

Oh no, not a word that is difficult to pronounce and not in common use! This did not sound like good marketing. So, I asked, "Why?"

God said, "Because there's not enough peace in the world." Well, that made sense to me.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Grow Old and Stay Healthy

The older I get, the more I hear about health problems from my peers, but I have nothing to contribute. I have not been sick in two years and do not have the "normal" back problems, arthritis, headaches, PMS, asthma, allergies, etc.

From my own experiences, I recognized years ago that stress causes illness. Discovering that the American Medical Association acknowledged 70% of illness caused by stress was a wonderful validation.

The first 30 years I had lots of stress health problems like the ones above plus, but as I gained peace by resolving my inner conflicts and ate to build my immune system, the healthier I became. At 51 years old, I feel great but my very best is yet ahead!