Friday, July 26, 2013

Changed From The Inside Out

When I first met our Loving Creator, I had many questions answered, which led to accepting Christ Jesus and being filled with the Holy Spirit.  After God left, I still felt a presence, the Holy Spirit.

Over the following weeks, He directed my life as my temperament, personality, clothes, diet, books, lifestyle, etc. changed.  No one liked it, except me.

With all of the change and conflict, I had out-of-this-world peace.  Pray for the peace that surpasses all understanding!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Know God's Love

The defining moment in my life was when I met our Creator.  He changed me into a confident, peaceful, loving Christian.

After almost 30 years of learning many subjects, I concluded that we humans are very ignorant about reality and, especially, why we are here.  However, when my boyfriend taught me about God, I knew where to go for the answers.

In contemplative prayer, I sat six hours a day, six days a week to seek the Lord with all my heart.  About a month later, I met our Loving Father.  He filled me with His pure, unconditional, out-of-this-world love and gave me holy truth, which included my acceptance of Christ Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Bible as God's Word.

This experience was so incredible that it defies description, and this was just the beginning.  Everyday is a miracle with the Lord!  Pray to know Him!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Prepare For Eternity

Apostle John wrote the Bible book of Revelation from a prophetic vision.  The Lord gave John a glimpse into what the future holds for this world and it looks very, very bad.

No one knows for sure when these end time catastrophes will occur but since physical death is certain, everyone should be ready for their judgment, now.  If people prepare for their physical future with insurance, retirement and savings, they should want to prepare spiritually for eternity, also.

Spending an hour or so in church a week does not prepare us.  We must give our lives to God, so we follow His plan for spiritual growth because He knows best what we need.  Luckily for us, God's will is only a prayer away.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Pray For Spiritual Growth

Jude wrote this letter to warn others about the godless men among them.  These abusers lied, deceived, complained, boasted about themselves, flattered others for their own advantage and denied Jesus Christ.  

Jude told the believers to keep themselves in God's love with faith and prayer in the Holy Spirit.

Like most of the letters in the New Testament, Jude addresses problems in the church that are just as timely today.  Why has nothing changed in almost 2,000 years?

Believing the truth is only the first step.  For spiritual growth to occur, the truth of Jesus Christ must be applied daily, which takes awareness and work.  To begin, help is just a prayer away.