Friday, March 27, 2015

God's Always on Guard

Sunday evening at church I was listening to an awesome minister from Kenya, Africa.  He preached about how God protects us even when we don't know it and the importance of staying in His will.

Unknown to me until I got home, the trailer next door had burned up while I was in church.  However, my home and property wasn't even disturbed at all.

Thank You, Lord, for protecting!  24/7 protection is only a prayer away through the love and mercy of Jesus Christ

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Life With Jesus

For Jesus to be the Lord of my life, I begin the morning by praying for His will to be done and seeking His direction all day long.  This changes my life from normal to supernatural.

One example from this year of a supernatural day for me began with prayer.  Then I got ready and went to get my money from the drawer before leaving, but it was gone and all I had was about $6 in my wallet.

I had already paid bills and given the rest of the money away, so I prayed about what to do next.  Jesus told me to go, so I went.

My gas tank was on empty, so I prayed and was told to buy gas with the $6, which I did.  Then I went to my first appointment and received $5 from the person I was there to help.

Before leaving for the next appointment, I prayed if I should buy lunch or gas.  Jesus told me to buy lunch, and He put enough gas in my car to get me to my second appointment.

At my second appointment, I received no money from this person, so I prayed on what to do before leaving for my third appointment.  Jesus told me to go, so I left and drove over 20 miles without the gas gauge even dropping down one bit.

Then at the third appointment, the person gave me enough money to buy gas for a month and said this money was from the Lord.  With Jesus as our Lord, life becomes a joyful, exciting, supernatural adventure and all we need to do is pray!

Friday, March 13, 2015

My Birthday Gift

Since it was my spiritual birthday as a Christian, I asked the Lord for a gift.  He gave me five dreams to explain how I am doing.

In my first dream, I learned that I am halfway to being a mature Christian.  I asked how I could improve and He answered me in the next dreams.

The next two dreams showed me how I waste my time trying to rescue pets and people that don't want it or need it.  Then in the fourth dream, I am surround by people at a party that want to hear about Jesus and love Him.

So I ask how I can have this in my life.  In the last dream, I see a body in a tomb and am told that I must die to myself.

What an awesome birthday gift!  Spiritual growth is only a prayer away!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

God Protects Our Home

Since the snow and ice started falling, I have stayed home, all nice and cozy.  I always pray for protection over my home but didn't think anything about really needing it until yesterday.

When I went out to get the mail, I noticed my mailbox door was open and had to be bent slightly to close it.  Then I noticed the tire tracks and flat snow.

Someone had drove over the waist high snow in my front yard, missing my mailbox, vehicles and trees.  The tracks stopped three feet from my home, and I never even heard a thing.

What a strange world.  Home protection is only a prayer away!