Friday, November 30, 2012

Answer God's Call!

In the book of Amos, the Lord called him to be His prophet when he was tending his sheep.  

Amos did whatever God asked but still referred to himself as a shepherd and gardener.  He answered God because he loved his Lord, not because he was choosing a new career.

God calls people from every walk of life but few answer.  It is difficult leading a spiritual life here because this style does go against the world.  However, people must live for the Lord if they want to spend eternity with Him.  

When people truly love God, they obey Him.

Friday, November 23, 2012

We Must Do Our Best

The Prophet Hosea in the Bible book of Hosea took an adulterous wife for children of unfaithfulness as an object lesson to Israel.  

He preached against their wickedness and did whatever the Lord asked, with mixed results.  However, the outcome did not deter his obedience and determination.

When people truly love God, they must do their best no matter what the results.  

Humans can only help and influence others, not control them because we all have free will.  

The best we can do is to use our free will for obedience and love to the Lord.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Pray For Heavenly Help

In the Bible book of Daniel, the Prophet Daniel was so right with God that he could describe and interpret the king's dream.  

When some jealous officials had Daniel thrown into the lion's den, an angel of God saved him.  

Daniel wanted to have an even greater understanding, so he fasted and prayed for 21 days until an angel came to explain.

When people sincerely follow their Creator, they can do the seemingly impossible.  They can also gain out-of-this world knowledge.  

All that is needed for heavenly assistance is a relationship with the Lord, so pray and, when necessary, fast.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Live The Adventure!

The Prophet Ezekiel in his Bible book of Ezekiel was God's watchman for the house of Israel. 

The Lord gave him great wisdom and prophecy to perform his duties.  He had many out-of-this world experiences working for God, like with strange creatures of fire and light.

Everyone has a destiny to fill for God and when on this adventure, many unusual experiences will happen. 

This mission requires great courage, faith and obedience to accomplish.  But when fulfilling this spiritual destiny, life becomes more exciting and unpredictable than any action adventure fantasy story!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Know The Truth

The Prophet Jeremiah wrote many sad poetic songs in the Bible book of Lamentations. 

When Judah was destroyed by enemies because of its people's disobedience, Jeremiah was heartbroken.  As a prophet from God, he wanted to help his people, but they would not believe the truth he told them.

Everyone needs the ability to discern between truth and lies or will face the consequences.  Finding the truth in a world of deceit and illusion can be very difficult and time consuming unless a person knows God. 

Our Creator loves each one and is available 24/7 for helpful guidance with sincere prayer.