Friday, April 29, 2016

To Be or To Do

Jesus has been teaching my husband and I about being.  This is a lot more work than doing.

We have read books on how to be like Jesus, which includes the Bible.  And the Lord has been giving us lots of insights and dreams on this important subject.

However, worldly thinking is very difficult to change because it is constantly being reinforced.  I still was not getting it and continued to pray for Jesus to give me more to do for Him.

Finally Jesus came to me when I was praying and said, "Susan, you are praying wrong."  "You need to pray to be like Me, because only then will you be able to do more for Me."

Thank You, Jesus, for this clear message that even I could not miss!  I now pray to be like Jesus, and He is available for any one, any where and at any time.

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