Friday, October 25, 2013

With Love and Joy

The Holy Spirit had told me many times that I must serve others with love and joy in my heart.  I tried and tried to do this but failed.

I finally prayed for help and received an astonishing experience.  Christ Jesus gave me a small part of His supernatural love for everyone and the horrible anguish He suffered for us.

These incredibly strong duel feelings melted my heart and gave me the desire to spread His love and joy.  The fastest path to change is just a prayer away!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Pray For Healing

One of the advantages to being a follower of Christ is healing.  Since our physical bodies are for learning, they often suffer and need help.

If God told me to go to the doctor or hospital I would, but instead I've prayed and been healed many times.  Some of my numerous ailments have been from a scratch to such severe pain throughout my body that I couldn't move.

Sometimes the healing is immediate, sometimes I have to do something, sometimes it takes a few hours and once in a great while I have to endure it.  The easiest solution should always be tried first because God's cures are free and do not cause more pain or any side effects.

Healing can be just a prayer away!

Friday, October 11, 2013

My Guidance Counselor

With the Holy Spirit, I have my own personal 24/7 counselor and guide.  This supernatural advising even includes reality checks that address my denial and selfishness.

The constant challenge to my ego helps keep me humble and focused, which is no easy task.  Nothing gets by Him because He knows my thoughts and secrets.

I now have unending, serious personal growth.  Thank you, Lord!  The most effective Counselor available is free and only a prayer away!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Praying For Spiritual Growth

Almost everyday I pray for spiritual growth and leave it up to the Lord on the "how."  One day I was in my Tai Chi class when a distraught man interrupted us to exercise.

I felt angry but my teacher welcomed him.  He shared a very sad story and then the class ended, so we left.

As I walked away, I thought how strange this all was and realized I didn't even offer him any help.  So, I went back into the room but he had miraculously disappeared.

This was even stranger, so I prayed that evening for a dream to explain it.  I dreamed God came to me as in a fiery cloud with a booming voice and told me to follow Him.

He took me to these people from a book I had been reading.  They kept asking me what I liked about their book and since I did not know, I finished reading it when I woke up.

Under the signs of selfishness, I learned being inflexible and hating interruptions fit me just perfect.  With this information, I prayed for forgiveness and help to stop this selfish behavior. 

Thank you, Lord!