Friday, December 20, 2013

Selling For God

Working for God is a life style, not just a job.  Since everything I have is a gift from Him, I always pray for His direction.

When I posted my van to sell, I wanted enough money to visit a friend about 1,500 miles away.  Instead, God told me to help a Christian brother in need by selling the van to him for half its value.

While disappointed about having to delay my trip, the joy of helping him and doing God's will more than made up for it.  If we all followed His direction, life would be happier and much more adventurous.

Financial planning for an eternal future is only a prayer away.  Praise the Lord!

Friday, December 13, 2013

New Beginnings

When the people I am advising die, this usually indicates spiritual growth.  One lady I was helping suffered from great fear.

Being afraid of both living and dying is extremely stressful.  To stop this fear, Christians must have such a close personal relationship with our Lord that we must continuously ask for help and He answers.

When this lady learned to sincerely ask Christ to come and save her, she gained His peace that surpasses all understanding.  This change was obvious with her new calmness, serious prayer life and ability to comfort others about death.

Becoming a fearless Christian is only a prayer away.  Thank You, Jesus, for Your help!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Miraculous Lessons

When working on discerning God's internal voice instead of my own thoughts or other voices, I asked Him for help.  He gave me many lessons but a few really stood out.

Right after taking a shower at the gym, I put my locker key in my pocket.  While still feeling it, I heard God tell me that my key was not in my pocket and, sure enough, it had disappeared.

Unsuccessfully, I looked all over the locker room, which included the lock on my locker.  My only option left was praying, so I did.

Then God told me that my key was in the lock on my locker and, sure enough, it was.  I learned a lot from these games, but sometimes I needed to know quickly.

For absolute confirmation, God would give me His supernatural love with His words.  This miracle would confirm it, and I learned how to follow His will.

Praise the Lord!  He is the ultimate Teacher!