Friday, July 15, 2016

My Writing Buddy

I enjoy a cat sitting on my lap while I'm writing.  Last year our cat disappeared, so after 6 months of praying for his return, I began to ask for a new one, also.

The Lord sent me to our neighbors for house sitting their cats while they worked out of town for the winter.  After that, I went back to praying for a cat.

Just recently another neighbor's cat had kittens and she found homes for all but one, so she asked us.  This kitten had a cross on her back, so I took this as a sign!

But to make sure, I told her we must pray about this first and would let her know.  I prayed and the Lord said, yes!

My husband prayed and had many good reasons why this wasn't a good time to add another expense.  A big reason being the medical bills from when he was sick.

I passed this problem on to Jesus because if He wanted me to have this kitten, He would need to convince my husband.  The next day my husband surprised me with all the things to take care of a kitten and a card confirming we could get her.

Thank, You, Jesus for this miracle and making my path easy!  Jesus is available 24/7 any where for any thing.

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