Friday, April 22, 2016

Humility and Prayer

Last Sunday at my evening service, I had a strange experience.  The pastor had called us to the front altar for a renewal and we were feeling the Lord's presence.

Since the altar was full, I was kneeling at a front pew.  Just after the pastor prayed out loud for us to have a new experience, the pew I was leaning on began to rock.

I opened my eyes and looked around because I thought we were having an earthquake.  Nothing was moving except my pew.

It was rocking about 1-2 inches back and forth.  These are big traditional, heavy wooden bolted down and not "able" to move pews.

When I got up the rocking stopped and when I knelt back down it started again.  The Lord gave me an external sign to reinforce what He had been teaching me about the importance of humility and prayer bringing me closer into His presence.

Thank You, Jesus, for wanting a miraculous relationship with each one of us that is available any where and any place with humble, sincere prayer.

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