Friday, April 1, 2016

The Lord Prepares Us

The Lord always prepares me for what's to come but doesn't always tell me why I'm getting ready.  This last week I went shopping at the Christian store and left with a bag of World Vision magazines.

Then the Lord told me to bring them to the Wednesday evening study at church.  There I discovered the pastor asking for ideas on how the church could help improve the world.

I was all prepared with my World Vision magazine on its work about bringing clean water to the world and extra ones as handouts for everyone.  World Vision has brought clean water to over 2 billion people but there are still 7800 million people that need it, and this information can be found from its link on my home page web site.

Thank you, Lord, for directing my steps and preparing me to do your good work.  Jesus is available 24/7 for anyone about anything with the supernatural power to solve any problem.

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