Friday, July 1, 2016

The Love Test

My husband and I have been praying to be one with the Lord.  Then we had similar dreams about love.

God told us that we needed to pass our test on love before we can become one and begin our ministry together.  To pass this test on love, we must love the Lord God first by being obedient to Him.

Loving the Lord means we are obedient to His will only.  To do this, we must know the Bible, pray for holy direction, recognize His answer and do what He wants.

This spiritual lifestyle requires us to not follow the world's way of doing things but God's way of doing things.  When we do not put God first by following His will, we can't love like He commands.

This high standard requires supernatural power to accomplish, so we must allow Jesus to be the Lord of our whole life.  Thank You, Jesus, for being available to direct us 24/7, any where for any thing.

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