Friday, June 3, 2016


So far this year I have lost $200, and I hold on to my money, at least up until this year.  Every time the Lord told me I would lose this money even before it happened.

And every time I disagreed and said that I would be careful and not lose it.  My opinion was based on the past years but the Lord knows the future.

This last time I asked Him what I should do to prevent losing the money when He told me I would lose it. He said to hand it back to the person that just gave it to me, which I did not do.

This time I said that I would be more careful about not losing it, but it was not possible and I still lost it.  The Lord is teaching me that obedience far exceeds any knowledge of the past, the world or human ability.

Obedience takes the desire to put God first and the self control to do it in a relationship with Jesus for His direction and strength.  This is a very uncomfortable but important lesson to learn.

Thank You, Jesus, for teaching me how to become like You!  Jesus is available 24/7 anywhere in the world for spiritual growth, comfort and protection.

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