Friday, March 11, 2016

Learning Oneness

With the supernatural help of Jesus Christ, my husband overcame depression in 2014.  Our next challenge was to have harmony in our relationship, because we discovered last year how we could disagree over nothing.

This year we became closer as the Lord Jesus is working to bring us into the unity we have been praying to reach.  The most important lesson we have learned is how to listen better and not jump to conclusions.

The Holy Spirit taught us this lesson by telling us to stop and not speak before we opened our mouths to disagree.  Then He would tell us to really listen as the other person is speaking, and we learned that the other person agreed but had a different angle.

Listening is a far more difficult skill to master than speaking.  Without this miraculous correction during our conversations, we would still be clueless.

Thank You, Jesus, for teaching us Your loving ways of conversation!

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