Friday, July 24, 2015

A Safe and Speedy Trip

I was going to pick up my sister at the airport and hadn't been there in over ten years.  After telling friends at church why I was leaving early, i got lots of advice. 

They told me I might not make it in time because of road construction and to set an intention.  I told them all I needed to do was pray for a safe and speedy trip, which I did right after saying this.

I found no road construction on the highway and arrived 50 minutes before expected.  I learned about cell phone parking lots for waiting and had time to pray in worship and thanksgiving.

What a wonderful experience we have when we turn to Jesus for help instead of listening to humans.  His supernatural help is only a prayer away!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Prayer Instead of Pills

When I went to teach someone this past week, he told me that studying the Bible would be impossible because the pain was so bad.  The pain killer the doctor prescribed wasn't working and the new medicine hadn't arrived yet.

This was a wonderful opportunity for prayer, so that's what we did and the pain left.  He couldn't believe that Jesus would relieve his suffering.

I explained that this is how it works for Christians.  Jesus wants to do things for us, and He wants us to do things for Him.

A close personal relationship with Jesus is the best gift we can give ourselves.  Since he loves everyone, all we have to do is ask Him.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Marital Bliss

After three years of marriage, my husband and I finally have marital bliss.  When we got married, I didn't expect the changes in our relationship that happened.

Marriage always brings new expectations and issues from the past, but I didn't think my husband would become depressed.  However, as Christians that God brought together in union with Him, we have some advantages.

When I did my Biblical counseling, it usually ended in drama with me praying for help.  The Lord gave my husband dreams and insights that changed him a little but not enough, until I got very sick in January, 2014.

I told my husband this illness was probably caused by stress and then he decided to really change.  As the Lord and us worked on the depression issue, it happened less and less until September of the same year.

Then the depression hit my husband so hard that I became depressed, also.  The Lord really reached out to us, restored us and taught us that when we follow His Words, we have sanity.

Our problem was believing untrue information from the world (which included family and church members) and lies from Satan.  After being "depression and drama" free for ten months now, we've began our marriage anew by putting Jesus first, so we are always following Truth, and it is blissful:-)

Friday, July 3, 2015

Doing God's Will

I've discovered that doing God's will can be difficult.  First I need the ability to know His directions from my own sinful desires and the devil's input.

This discernment comes from knowing the character of God through the Bible, with recognizing His voice/presence from experiences and by asking for affirmations when in doubt.  The Lord always gives confirmation of His directions, like feelings of supernatural love, signs, dreams, etc.

Sometimes the guidance I need is encouragement and this is what I prayed for this past week.  He gave me a dream with tribulations but I prayed to Jesus for help, so I could rescue a child and make it to safety, which I did.

Not only do I pray for help when I'm awake but in my dreams, also, and this one gave me the strength to persevere.  There is power in the prayers of loving, obedient, sincere disciples of Jesus.

To know Jesus and get His help, ask Him to enter your heart as your Savior from sin to be the Lord of your life.  If you have any questions, just ask through the free email on the home page of my website at