Friday, May 27, 2016

Evil Attack

As Christians, we are in spiritual warfare against evil, so we must be prepared all the time.  We prepare for these battles by praying so much that it becomes an automatic response, even when awakened from a sound sleep.

This is what happened to my husband a few nights ago.  He woke up suddenly because claws were wrapped around his ankles pulling him to the foot of the bed.

Lifting up his head, he saw a huge dark dragon-like humanoid form with red eyes at the foot of our bed in the moonlight.  My husband felt its evil desire to joyfully devour him, and he was terrified.

Immediately, he called on Jesus for help and it disappeared.  Then he was gently slid back onto his pillow at the top of the bed and lovingly put back to sleep.

As I looked at the marks on his ankles the next morning, I told him that I, too, had seen demons.  Spiritual warfare is a miraculous blessing because it shows us that we are a threat to the devil, so we must be doing good work for Jesus.

Thank You, Jesus, for saving us from evil any where, at any time and in any situation!

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