Sunday, September 22, 2019

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Friday, July 15, 2016

My Writing Buddy

I enjoy a cat sitting on my lap while I'm writing.  Last year our cat disappeared, so after 6 months of praying for his return, I began to ask for a new one, also.

The Lord sent me to our neighbors for house sitting their cats while they worked out of town for the winter.  After that, I went back to praying for a cat.

Just recently another neighbor's cat had kittens and she found homes for all but one, so she asked us.  This kitten had a cross on her back, so I took this as a sign!

But to make sure, I told her we must pray about this first and would let her know.  I prayed and the Lord said, yes!

My husband prayed and had many good reasons why this wasn't a good time to add another expense.  A big reason being the medical bills from when he was sick.

I passed this problem on to Jesus because if He wanted me to have this kitten, He would need to convince my husband.  The next day my husband surprised me with all the things to take care of a kitten and a card confirming we could get her.

Thank, You, Jesus for this miracle and making my path easy!  Jesus is available 24/7 any where for any thing.

Friday, July 8, 2016


This world is Satan's evil kingdom, so don't expect anything.  People are sinful and selfish, so don't expect anything.

If people want relief from their suffering and fear, they must first seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness.  When people accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, they get off the broad path to hell and gain eternal life.

In a close personal relationship with Jesus, believers have His supernatural help and protection.  They, also, get His direction and wisdom in their daily back and forth communication with Him.

This life is a gift, a brief adventure and an opportunity to do things that will last forever.  Since Jesus is the way, truth and life, He is the only actual reality and everything else is an illusion.

Friday, July 1, 2016

The Love Test

My husband and I have been praying to be one with the Lord.  Then we had similar dreams about love.

God told us that we needed to pass our test on love before we can become one and begin our ministry together.  To pass this test on love, we must love the Lord God first by being obedient to Him.

Loving the Lord means we are obedient to His will only.  To do this, we must know the Bible, pray for holy direction, recognize His answer and do what He wants.

This spiritual lifestyle requires us to not follow the world's way of doing things but God's way of doing things.  When we do not put God first by following His will, we can't love like He commands.

This high standard requires supernatural power to accomplish, so we must allow Jesus to be the Lord of our whole life.  Thank You, Jesus, for being available to direct us 24/7, any where for any thing.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Evil World

From a spiritual perspective, it doesn't matter where a person lives because this whole world is Satan's kingdom.  He is an equal opportunity abuser and hates everyone.

People can be senselessly killing each other, starving to death in poverty or destroying themselves with money in any country.  The types of suffering in this world are endless and it doesn't matter the location, economic level, race, size, age, sex, etc.

No matter what country people are from, trials and tribulations are the great equalizer.  The only medicine that takes away this pain is the out-of-this-world love that comes from God.

Our only source for this supernatural love comes from Jesus Christ.  He is our equal opportunity Savior because He loves everyone unconditionally. 

When filled with His love, we receive His joy for any circumstances, and all we need to do is abide in Him and let His word abide in us.  Jesus' help is available 24/7 at any location with sincere, fervent prayer.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Perseverance and Maturity

Apostle James said that Christians should consider it a joy whenever we face trials of any kind because this tests our faith which develops the perseverance that makes us mature and complete.  Well, this is a good description of my life right now.

In the last month, I've had sick family members, money disappear, demons show up and not feeling well myself.  I think my Heavenly Father is giving me the opportunity to become mature and complete.

While we get an earthly father, he doesn't always know what is best for us, but our Father God always knows and does what we need to grow spiritually.  It is awesome to be learning things for eternity and not just this brief time here.

Happy Father's Day to my Heavenly Father that loves me unconditionally and always does what is best for me.  Thank You for Your Spirit that guides and protects me 24/7!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Pray For Your Country

This upcoming week I will meet with other Christians to pray for our country at our state's capital.  The Lord wants us to pray for our nation and its leaders.

As Christians, we are in spiritual warfare from a personal to a national level.  The only way we can win spiritual battles is through prayer.

When we link up with Jesus through the power of prayer, we are winners because He already defeated Satan at the cross.  Christ Jesus died and rose again physically from the grave to reconcile everyone who believes in Him with the Creator Father.

So in a relationship with Jesus, we have salvation from our sins and directions to keep us safe from spiritual evil in this wicked world.  Thank You, Jesus, for being available 24/7 any where when we pray to You for help.