Friday, June 28, 2013

Really Follow Christ

The third letter Apostle John wrote was to a dear friend, Gaius.  John praised his friend for walking in the truth and love of Jesus Christ with hospitality for other church members.

If Christians really knew the truth and love of Jesus Christ, they would act nice.  All Christians are called to stand apart from the world with their patience, joy, peace, love, self-control and kindness.

Unfortunately, most of us do not.  But help for spiritual growth is only a prayer away!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Be Christ's Ambassador

Apostle John wrote in his second letter about how Christians should love one another and walk in obedience to the commandment of love.  He warned about deceiving leaders and stressed the importance of learning both the Father and Son's teachings.

Even Christians about 2,000 years later still need Saint John's wise advice.  History repeats because humans do not change enough, which includes most Christians.

Our Lord Jesus Christ calls us to great spiritual growth in thought, word and deed.  This means we no longer follow worldly values, beliefs and expectations.

To follow Christ, we must step out in sacrificial love, faithful obedience and a clear knowledge of God's Word.  Pray to become Christ's ambassador!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Be A Successful Christian

In Apostle John's letter to the Christians, he wrote proclaiming the truth of Jesus Christ and how followers obeyed His commandments.  As children of God, believers needed to test their spiritual input to discern if it had a worldly or holy view, so they were not deceived.

Since God is love, they needed to love one another to know Him and be complete in His love.  Also, Christians needed to ask for things according to God's will and pray for others.

What excellent advice!  Christians must follow Jesus Christ, test their spiritual input, be loving, only want God's will and pray for others.  This is definitely a formula for successful Christians!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Rise Above the World

Apostle Peter wrote to Christians on how to have holy lives by increasing their faith, knowledge, self-control, kindness, perseverance, godliness and love.  This spiritual growth would keep them effective and productive in their ministry for the Lord Jesus Christ.  

Peter, also, warned about the false prophets and teachers that introduced such destructive heresies that condemnation would result. Over 2,000 years later, Apostle Peter's advice is still relevant today.  

If all Christians grew spiritually by increasing their faith, knowledge, self-control and love, we would be such effective and productive disciples of Christ that this world would be very different.  However, it appears that the false prophets and teachers have won.  But Christ still calls His believers to rise above this world and follow Him!