Friday, June 29, 2012

Wisdom Comes From Understanding

In the Bible book of Joshua, he led the Israelites to begin their holy nation.

Joshua had started in Egypt and knew the difficulties that occurred with these problem people, so he was very obedient to God for obtaining His help.

When a person knows history, he or she can learn to not repeat it.  Wisdom comes from clearly understanding the world and its inhabitants.

Since God made everything, the more we comprehend this existence, the closer we will draw to our Creator.

And like Joshua, help is just a prayer away.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Think To Stop Mistakes

In Deuteronomy, Moses summarized the Israelites' history of not obeying God and warned against repeating these mistakes.

He wanted them to think for themselves and not blindly follow their families' traditions.

People repeat their mistakes throughout history as a nation, family or individual.  Repeating mistakes are bad habits that come from worldly programing.

To change these habits, everyone needs to stop, think, ask "why?" and decide if this is a good reason.

God wants people to think for themselves, so they can achieve spiritual growth.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Rebellious Humans

People love to have their own way and the Israelites in the Old Testament were no exception. 

In the book of Numbers, the cycle of rebellion and discipline continued no matter how many more rules were given.

When God becomes the frame of reference for wisdom, it keeps humans humble because they have a realistic understanding of their limitations.  But even this realization did not stop Moses from disobeying God out of frustration and being punished.

Unfortunately, human behavior has not improved on this planet and the same anger problems can still be seen today. 

Only through the wisdom of our Heavenly Father can this world be improved so sincerely pray for guidance and be totally open to His direction.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Rules For The Unruly

God taught the Israelites righteous living with His 613 laws in Exodus and continued in Leviticus.

The amount of laws and requirements needed to govern people directly reflects their many problem behaviors, which this group had in excess.

With rules on worship now in place, religious leaders became more accountable and responsible before God.  The worst sin humans commit is when they lead others away from the Lord, and there are many examples of this in the world today.

A spiritually barren life occurs when humans worship themselves, others or worldly gain.

Only through obedience to the Lord's wisdom can people learn to grow spiritually, so pray and ask sincerely for His help.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Trust God

Two major problems humans have with their Heavenly Father are trust and expectations. 

With God being limitless, He seems unbelievable and difficult to understand for our limited minds.  The book of Exodus shows many examples of these issues from multiple perspectives.

When God called Moses to lead the Israelites, he said, no, at first and made excuses.  Once the Israelites heard Moses, they expected their lives to become easy and rebelled against their many difficulties. 

Moses expected to be done with his mission within a year but the mistrusting Israelites caused it to become 40.

Everyone has a spiritual mission to accomplish on Earth for reaching heaven.  With help from others, Moses fulfilled his destiny and learned to trust God. 

Anyone can learn how to trust our Creator and follow his or her destiny when on a spiritual journey.