Saturday, October 31, 2015

Heaven or Hell?

So far this year, there have been five funerals of people I've known.  Funerals are awful when I don't know if the person is in heaven or hell, because there's nothing scarier than hell.

And, it is so easy to get into heaven.  All a person has to do is accept God's plan for his or her salvation through Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately, many people want to do things their way instead of God's way.  But God only wants what is best for us, and that's why He came down from heaven in human form as Christ Jesus to mend our relationship with Him.

What a glorious, loving plan!  All we need to do is accept Christ Jesus as our Lord and Savior in sincere prayer, because we need God to live a fearless life now and a joyous eternal one next.

Friday, October 23, 2015

An Art Show Sign

After the last exciting art shows, my husband and I have been praying on where to go next.  Well, we got our answer this past week.

We got invited to church for a Christian art show during their fall dinner fund raiser.  I asked how they knew we had great Christian art and the woman that invited us said that another woman in church told her.

So I asked this other woman how she knew, and she said that she woke up in the middle of the night and God told her to tell the woman in charge to invite us because our art is really good.

The church art show was an interesting experience and now we know that church is our next step in our art ministry.  Thank You, God, for Your holy direction!

Friday, October 16, 2015

More Holy Redistribution

In my last blog I wrote about how I got things to pass on to others and still had a hospital bed, so this last week I prayed about it.  The Lord directed me to the internet, so I assumed I would be posting it on a site for getting rid of stuff.

However, as I prayed on what heading to put the hospital bed under, I was told, no, to all my questions.  So, I switched to a search and a wonderful organization called HELP popped up.

The Lord confirmed that this was where He was leading me.  St. Louis HELP is a non-profit organization that lends out hospital equipment at no charge to whoever needs it and the equipment drive had just started.

Thank You, Lord, for letting me be Your hands and feet!  For more information on St. Louis HELP, check out their website at

Friday, October 9, 2015

Holy Redistribution

One of the Christian duties I never imagined I would be doing was redistributing stuff.  The Lord explained to me that everything here was His and it sometimes needed to be moved around.

So when a person asks me if I want something, I pray for direction or if an opportunity comes up to acquire something, I sometimes feel the Holy Spirit nudging me to take it.  Redistributing God's stuff is very rewarding.

Not long ago, I gained a couple of suitcases and an electric hospital bed.  Last weekend, I went over to visit some neighbors before they left on a trip and the Holy Spirit told me to take the suitcases.

I didn't know it but they needed the suitcases and were very grateful.  Now I'm waiting for someone that needs a hospital bed.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Jesus Fixed My DVD Player

My husband and I don't watch television channels but we do enjoy inspirational movies.  So when I bought a Christian movie to watch and our DVD player didn't work, we were bummed.

Whatever isn't working, I always pray for the Lord to fix and He has healed people, pets, cars, appliances, phones, etc.  This time was no different.

About three minutes after my husband and I prayed, it started working and is still playing fine days later.  Experiencing this small miracle made us feel loved and taken care of by Jesus.

Being in the care of Jesus is available for anyone at anytime by just asking Him to come into your life and save you from sin to be the Lord of your life.  All of the benefits from a relationship with Jesus is innumerable and free.