Friday, February 28, 2014

Christ's Powerful Love

Many people in this world try to become gods, either through religious beliefs or worldly gain.  This drive for power and control stems from their fear and selfishness.

Humans do not have the capacity to handle power and be loving.  Only one person in history could do this, Jesus Christ.

Jesus accomplished this amazing feat because He was both human and divine.  And, He still provides believers with supernatural support to fearlessly handle anything in life with unconditional love.

When Christians follow Christ's direction, they will miraculously stand apart from this world with their love, joy, peace, patience, faith and self-control.  This powerful love is only a prayer away.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Spiritual Lessons In Dreams

Since I pray daily for the Holy Spirit to make me more Christ like, He uses all types of supernatural teaching methods.  One of these is dreams.

Some spiritual lessons I have learned from dreams are that I must take direction from God or I will miss out, people are not my enemies but helpers and opportunities, we are in a spiritual battle against evil, I am not alone because lots of people are following Christ, I must tell about my relationship with Christ more and the spiritual journey is not about the adventure but love.  

I once received a song, "Joy Unspeakable," in my dream as an answer to my question of what life would be like if I followed God's will 24/7.

While this made for many restless nights of sleep, my spiritual growth jumped leaps and bounds.  Spiritual lessons are only a prayer away!

Friday, February 14, 2014

The Lord Provides

As an employee of the Lord, He provides for all my needs.  Sometimes this is through other people but just as often it happens in miraculous ways.

Whenever something doesn't work, I always pray for help, and most of the time God answers.  If He doesn't, it means I need to do something.

But when He does, my computer, printer, car, home, etc. gets supernaturally fixed.  This is so much faster and easier than doing the whole repair thing!

If I was wealthy, would I have all these miracles in my life to build my faith?  Thank You, Lord, for my lack so I have the opportunity to know You better!

Friday, February 7, 2014

1st Big Miracle of 2014

One of the biggest miracles in the world is when an angry difficult atheist becomes a loving peaceful Christian.  I saw this amazing change in my Dad when he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior last month.

Instead of an alcoholic drink to relax, he goes to Jesus for peace.  Instead of the world or people for advice and direction, he goes to God.

Wow! I don't know this man, but I like him!

What an exciting way to begin a year of miracles with God! A miraculous new life is only a prayer away!