Friday, January 25, 2013

Get The Power!

Investigator Luke, also, wrote the Bible book of Acts.  His report began with Jesus Christ's many after death appearances and final ascension into heaven.  

Then Luke proceeded to give the highlight's of how the apostles spread Christ's message of love and salvation.

The power to fulfill this important mission came from the Holy Spirit.  This powerful ability to spread Christianity despite impossible odds demonstrated the love of our Creator.

To feel our Heavenly Parent's Love and Spirit, we must sincerely pray to accept Jesus Christ into our hearts.  

What a small requirement to receive such awesome power!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Change Your Heart!

Apostle John wrote about Jesus Christ's mission of love and salvation, along with extra revelations. 

Not only did John know Jesus personally but was one of his favorites.  John wrote more about love and spiritual insights than any other disciple. 

The closer people draw to the Lord, the more they will know and grow spiritually.  Only through this relationship can real truth and out-of-this-world love be found.  

Strive for the greatest experience this life can offer and pray for Jesus Christ to enter your heart.  


Friday, January 11, 2013

Be A New Person!

The Bible book of Luke is the longest and most complete account of Jesus Christ.  

Like an investigative reporter, Luke interviewed many people and reported on their knowledge about Jesus and His mission of salvation.

Christ's message of love and truth gives us the hope and faith to spiritually thrive in this difficult world. 

Start the year as a new person with gratitude and thankfulness for this loving gift by accepting and following our Lord.  


Friday, January 4, 2013

Start The Year With Change

The best was to keep a New Year's resolution is to address the problem directly. 

Way too often people decide to change their lives based on the symptoms of their problems and not the real issues.

Without the desire to resolve the fear, anger, selfishness, blaming, loneliness, worthlessness, etc. from unhealthy thinking, the symptoms will continue in one form or another. 

The only real change comes from digging down deep and taking a stand against the old negative self.

Start the New Year with a new positive self.  If you need some help, remember that God is only a prayer away! 

Happy New Year!