Friday, August 29, 2014

The Best Miracle

In the last two blogs I've been sharing my struggle on giving up control to Jesus.  After I failed Him the first time, I asked for another chance to be directed again but failed the second time, too.

So then when I repented, I asked to be slowly taught on how to follow His spontaneous direction.  I'm fairly good with planned directions but the immediate requests I refused to do until I had thought about it, which meant the opportunities had passed.

For this last week, I've seen people paying for strangers' purchases when they ran short and had people tell me how important this is to do.  The Lord is teaching and helping me to change into a more giving, loving person.

The best miracle is when we let go of our selfish, fearful, angry, worldly, sinful behavior for spiritual growth.  

Holy teaching for spiritual growth is only a prayer away!

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