Friday, August 22, 2014

Jesus as Lord

On my mission to relinquish control of my life over to Lord Jesus, I'm still struggling.  After I didn't leave my exercise class two weeks ago when the Lord told me, I have asked for forgiveness and repented.

Since then I've asked Him to teach me and try me again.  Well, He did and I failed again.

I was standing behind a woman with two small children at a gas station while she was buying some food but couldn't afford the milk.  The Lord told me to pay for her groceries.

I argued that this was my gas money for the week and refused to follow His direction once again.  Of course after I thought about this and the opportunity had passed, I felt foolish and repented once again.

While working for the Lord, I'm fine with following His structured directions but this spontaneous stuff is a new challenge for me, which I'll eventually overcome with His help.  

Supernatural help is only a prayer away!

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