Friday, August 15, 2014

Relinquishing Control

One of my greatest challenges for walking the Christian life has been turning over control to Jesus.  As I bring an area into obedience with Christ, another area to work on gets pointed out.

My current challenge is time management, which has been a long struggle.  I think Lord Jesus decides how I spend my time until I get tested and fail.

In morning exercise class, I prayerfully asked what I should do next.  I was told to leave the room now.

I was so surprised that I argued with the Lord on how it would disrupt class, upset the teacher, diminish my workout and was not a good idea.  Then I thought about this for about 15 minutes and realized my foolishness.

So I repented and decided to leave, but then the Lord told me to stay because it was too late.  Supernatural counseling and direction is only a sincere prayer away!

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