Friday, November 20, 2015

Holy Help

The Lord will help us with all areas of our lives when we prayerfully ask.  Nothing is too small or too big.

I stopped at by daughter's house for short visit before going to my next appointment.  As usual we got talking and time flew until I realized that I was now running late.

After I left for my next appointment, I prayed for a short cut that would get me there on time.  Immediately, the Holy Spirit reassured me and told me where to turn, and then the next turn, next turn and so on until I didn't have any idea where I was.

Suddenly, the Holy Spirit told me to look right and there was the location of my appointment.  I pulled into the parking lot, still reeling from the strange experience and looked at the clock.

I was ten minutes early, left ten minutes late and only took ten minutes to get there.  I am amazed how easier my life is when I follow the Lord.

Thank You, Jesus, for answering all of our prayers, no matter how small or how large the need!

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