Friday, November 27, 2015

Being Grateful

Celebrating Thanksgiving gives us the opportunity to stop and think about being grateful.  Thank You, God, for creating me and my life.

At one time I was suicidal, and now I am filled with amazing joy.  Thank You, Jesus, for giving me Your love and peace with eternal salvation.

Since I work for the Lord, He provides for my every need and gives me supernatural help.  For this incredible relationship, I am very grateful.

He has brought so many wonderful people into my life that they are too numerous to mention.  However, there are two people that I rely on every week for help to do my work.

My Christian husband, J., does everything he can to support me, from editing theology to cooking.  The second person is Anna Mahler, my talented tech support.

She is the nicest person I ever met, and we have been working together since 2009 when the Lord brought her into my life.  He answered my prayer to have the perfect person to work with and has continued to answer my prayers many, many times since.

This support from Jesus is available for everyone, 24/7, anywhere and for anything.  He has supernatural power and gives us eternal life.

Now that is a miracle to be thankful for!

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