Saturday, July 19, 2014

Second Biggest Miracle

When people turn away from their selfish, crazy, wicked ways and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, it is the number one miracle.  The second biggest miracle is when Christians let go of their control and allow Christ's Spirit to change them into His servants of love.

This type of Christian must give holy unconditional love no matter what the other person does, even our enemies.  I've had many stressful experiences trying to be this loving Christian.

While I've been yelled at many times, the worst experience was sexual harassment.  When I was at a friend's house, their male friend followed me around and touched me inappropriately.

I prayed for him to be stopped, preferably with some pain.  Jesus told me to love him and pray for his salvation because he was going to hell.

Only with Jesus' help could I do this and the Lord gave me supernatural direction to stop the harassment much to the surprise of this man.  Being unconditionally loving isn't about a perfect life but supernatural help, which is only a prayer away.

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