Friday, July 4, 2014

God's Will

After writing miracle blogs for about a year now, I'm starting to notice a pattern.  I pray for help and the Lord answers me with supernatural experiences that not only directly help but build our relationship, too.

God loves us and wants to help but we don't include Him in our daily lives enough.  I can only keep focused on His holy things because of the supernatural help I get.

The following is what an average week looks like in answer to my prayers.  The Lord gave me money (in many different ways), fixed the shower head, filled my deodorant, caused missing stuff to appear (sometimes at another one's house), healed me from eating bad food and had someone give me pants to replace my wornout ones.

Not only were my basic needs met but extras, too.  The Lord healed my friend's brother of terminal cancer, gave me money to see relatives along with a harmonious visit and had me give some money away to others in need.

While we need to pray in His will for the spiritual benefit of all, there are lots of blessings our Heavenly Father wants to give us.  These supernatural gifts are only a prayer away!

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