Friday, September 3, 2010

Life Can Change Fast

No matter what the age in my family, we don't talk about illness much because we are all so active and healthy. However, this changed on Aug. 6 for my 82-year-old Father. After he took his usual walk around the lake, ate breakfast and sat down to discuss plans for the day, he had a massive stroke and was in the ICU at Barnes before lunch.

My Father, Keith Wright, loves his life. He has a beautiful partnership with his soul mate and wife, Dorothy, flies his own plane, active in the VFW and community, has many interests and lots of family and friends that love him. It was very heart-warming at his 80th Birthday Party when many of his friends told me how Dad had helped them.

Not wanting to miss my Father's last days on Earth, I placed my life on hold and entered his world in the hospital. What a difficult place. I have met so many strong, caring people working together to provide the best for their patients!

This trip with Dad has been quite a roller coaster ride between life and death with other life threatening issues besides the stroke developing and then disappearing. During this up and down experience, Dad strongly stated he wanted to die, but instead he has slowly been getting better. When I asked why, he said that God told him, "No."

With the eminent danger gone, I am returning to my business while still participating in his rehabilitation. It is very interesting on how rehab therapists use electrical stimulation of the muscles to start them working again. Dad says that it's painful but there's no denying the great results and hopefully this will get him back on his feet quickly.

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