Friday, September 17, 2010

Good from Bad

Whenever a storm hits, I always search for the rainbow because life is a mix of both good and bad. I gained many wonderful benefits from my Father's illness, like an opportunity to study the medical system, a greater appreciation for the body's ability to heal, interesting information on how the brain works, etc.

I gained this new insight on brain functioning from this wonderful book recommend by a Respiratory Therapist named Larry at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Out of all I read, this book,"My Stroke of Insight," by Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph.D., provided the best information on what my Father was experiencing from his stroke.

This book explains clearly from both a medical and personal experience what a stroke involves. When Ms. Taylor had her stroke at 37, she worked at Harvard Medical School as a Brain Scientist performing research and teaching.

The great information Ms. Taylor provides in her book comes from both her medical and personal knowledge on how the body reacts and recovers from a stroke. It is interesting on how this data sometimes conflicts with the medical system.

In her book, I especially found it interesting on how the two hemispheres of the brain function. I know that the methods I follow stops the unbeneficial programming and when this happens, it opens up inner peace, but what I did not know was that the critical, unhelpful beliefs came from the left side and the peaceful, spiritual ones from the right hemisphere.

The human body is both amazing and mysterious. Any opportunity to discover and learn more is always a blessing.

To learn more about Dr. Jill, her work and experiences, you can visit her site at

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