Saturday, September 25, 2010

All the Answers

This poem is printed with permission from Dee Ann Barton, Tranquil Hearts Program Graduate.

All the Answers

I've been there before, I know that I have.
Within myself and back out again.

Looking for answers within my soul.
Answers to questions that only I know.

I know that the answers are all right there.
Just accepting the reality is hard to bare:
Life, it just isn't fair.

Especially when we feel others just sit and stare.

It hurts sometimes, and I might cry.
But now I’ve got the answers as to why.

No matter if I like them or not,
I try, and deal with what I got.

Tomorrow is another day I have to stand and say.
With all my pride and all my might.

I must live to fight for the good life.
After all, the answers are always there.

Just waiting patiently within ourselves.

But if we cannot find them there.
Then always look within the face of a friend.

For as we may or may not be aware.
Sometimes the answers might just be hidden there.

So at the end we can and all must win.
Over all of our personal demons within.

So what does all this mean?

At the end of our days, we should, could, and will be ready to face another day.
Most definitely in each and everyone of our own way!

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