Friday, November 5, 2010

My Ideal Life

When, I missed my opportunity for a vacation this year, I really did not mind. I realized that I already felt relaxed because I am living my ideal life.

My life is about having a career I love, continuing my personal growth and enjoying the company of people I love. Even when I have problems, they are an easy fix as long as I am realistic about the situation, keep in mind the experience I want and stay true to myself.

Tuesday for example, I got up in the morning at 7 a.m. and ate breakfast, went to get a contract notarized for my daughter and then came home to walk my dogs around the lake and through the woods. Next, I went to my Tai Chi class and afterwards, met my boyfriend at the gym for a swim in the pool.

In the afternoon, I ate lunch with my boyfriend at Subway and then came home to repot my plants, pick the last vegetables out of the garden and work on my business. My evening consisted of a quick supper, reading a great book, meditation and prayer.

Of course my days vary, but I always try to make choices on what experiences I want and balance the needs of my mind, body and spirit. After all, the purpose of physical life is to learn and love, which includes being good to myself.

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