Saturday, September 12, 2015

Christians and Muslims

The two largest religions in the the world are Christian and Muslim.  Both groups of people claim to worship the same Creator God, trace their roots to Abraham in the Old Testament and know about Jesus.

The Muslims believe Jesus was a prophet and the Christians believe Jesus is the Christ.  As Christ, Jesus came to reconcile us to God by becoming our Savior from sin and the Lord of our lives.

Both religions teach a moral code of ethics to respect others and neither religion teach to kill people of other religions, unless in self-defense.  So why are we killing each other?

All humans have free will and a sinful nature.  Because of this, we can choose to do good and follow what God wants or we can give in to our sinful side and do evil.

When Jesus is the Lord of our lives, he gives us the love, strength, joy, peace and direction to be the unconditionally loving people that God created us to be in all circumstances.  This miraculous free gift of help is only a prayer away.

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