Saturday, August 1, 2015

Be Unattached

Jesus wants us to travel through this world without being attached to it.  So, I have been working on getting rid of the physical things in my life that I love.

This is a touchy subject for Christians, so I want to clarify what I mean.  When we are attached to physical things, the things become more important than people, being organized, financial responsibility, eating healthy, etc.

Then things become our important relationship, security and comfort, instead of Jesus.  This does not mean we have nothing, but choose very carefully and prayerfully what we allow in our lives, so we do not put obstacles between us and God.

We must put our time and resources into the "things" we take with us into the next life, like love, spiritual growth, doing God's will, truth, etc.  Jesus wants to help us and He's only a prayer away!

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