Friday, July 10, 2015

Marital Bliss

After three years of marriage, my husband and I finally have marital bliss.  When we got married, I didn't expect the changes in our relationship that happened.

Marriage always brings new expectations and issues from the past, but I didn't think my husband would become depressed.  However, as Christians that God brought together in union with Him, we have some advantages.

When I did my Biblical counseling, it usually ended in drama with me praying for help.  The Lord gave my husband dreams and insights that changed him a little but not enough, until I got very sick in January, 2014.

I told my husband this illness was probably caused by stress and then he decided to really change.  As the Lord and us worked on the depression issue, it happened less and less until September of the same year.

Then the depression hit my husband so hard that I became depressed, also.  The Lord really reached out to us, restored us and taught us that when we follow His Words, we have sanity.

Our problem was believing untrue information from the world (which included family and church members) and lies from Satan.  After being "depression and drama" free for ten months now, we've began our marriage anew by putting Jesus first, so we are always following Truth, and it is blissful:-)

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