Saturday, May 30, 2015

Obedience Is Best

Before the storms came, I was cleaning out the dirt between the wood boards on my front porch, so there wouldn't be a small pond afterwards.  I began with a screw driver until the boards got too close together and then switched to a sharp knife.

I was tired, crabby, stressed and not open to advice from anyone.  Suddenly, the Holy Spirit told me to stop because I was going to cut myself.

Instead of stopping, I continued and proceeded to argue the point.  This didn't last very long until I cut my finger.

I felt very foolish and pathetic.  Should I go to Him for help or the doctor for stitches?

I decided that I trusted in Christ's mercy more than the medical profession, so I repented and asked for help.  I received His forgiveness, pain relief and the bleeding quit.

While I have no pain and the finger is healing, the wound is still there to remind me of how obedience is best.  No matter what we foolish humans do, Jesus' grace and mercy is only a prayer away!

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