Friday, December 12, 2014

Tribulations Happen For A Reason

Whenever we experience trials and tribulations, it is important to understand, “why,” because this is our opportunity for spiritual growth.  After my daughter was conscious and coherent from her near death, I asked her if she knew why this happened and she said, “yes.”
She explained to me how she wasn’t taking care of herself nor listening to God and He wanted her attention.  She stressed that He has it in a big way now!
In her excitement about living for Jesus, she emphasized that she was doing better than ever before in her life.  Out of our difficulties and struggles can come miraculous spiritual growth and a closer walk with our Lord.
A close personal relationship with our Lord Jesus gives us supernatural love, peace, joy, comfort, support, acceptance, protection, strength and security.  This awesome power through Jesus is only a prayer away!

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