Friday, November 21, 2014

Comfort In A Crisis

On October 19, 2014, my daughter had liver failure due to excessive use of Tylenol.  She was air lifted by helicopter to St. Louis University Hospital because of its severity.
She has a disability that causes chronic pain and when she ran out of prescription pain medicine, she used Tylenol.  As we later learned, Tylenol should only be used according to the directions because it can build up in a person’s body to a dangerous level.
Since lots of people consider off the shelf medicine safe in any dosage, an antidote was available.  She was on life support and unconscious but with a 50% chance of survival because of this antidote.
At first, I cried and was scared until I saw her at the hospital.  Then I prayed for help and the Lord reassured me with His presence and said that it would be ok.
After canceling my commitments, I contacted everyone for prayers and had her put on church prayer lists.  I was stressed but hopeful because a loving and merciful Father determines our fate.

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