Friday, October 4, 2013

Praying For Spiritual Growth

Almost everyday I pray for spiritual growth and leave it up to the Lord on the "how."  One day I was in my Tai Chi class when a distraught man interrupted us to exercise.

I felt angry but my teacher welcomed him.  He shared a very sad story and then the class ended, so we left.

As I walked away, I thought how strange this all was and realized I didn't even offer him any help.  So, I went back into the room but he had miraculously disappeared.

This was even stranger, so I prayed that evening for a dream to explain it.  I dreamed God came to me as in a fiery cloud with a booming voice and told me to follow Him.

He took me to these people from a book I had been reading.  They kept asking me what I liked about their book and since I did not know, I finished reading it when I woke up.

Under the signs of selfishness, I learned being inflexible and hating interruptions fit me just perfect.  With this information, I prayed for forgiveness and help to stop this selfish behavior. 

Thank you, Lord!

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