Friday, May 24, 2013

Become Holy For Christ

As an important Christian leader, Apostle Peter wrote to the churches in Asia Minor addressing their persecutions.  

He explained that suffering tested their faith, so they needed to prepare for action, be self-controlled and set their hope on Christ Jesus.  

Peter challenged them to become holy by ridding themselves of all malice, deceit, envy, hypocrisy and slander, while becoming peaceful, gentle and submissive to all.

While Christians are still persecuted for Christ, this oppression should not be a needed reminder to gain holiness.  Any Christian can become self-controlled, peaceful, gentle and submissive.  

Why a Christian would want to stay a malicious, deceitful, envious, slanderous hypocrite is a question that can still be asked today.  Christ still calls us to set an example for this fallen world and not to be just a part of it.  He is available 24/7 to facilitate this holy change, so ask to rise above the world and not to just wallow in the muck here.

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