Friday, August 17, 2012

Become Loving

During the numerous subsequent reigning leaders in 2 Kings of the Bible, God sent many prophets and a prophetess to help Judah and Israel.  No matter how good and righteous one king ruled, this could all reverse with the next one.  When the negative finally out weighted the positive, these countries fell to their foreign enemies.

Like nations, people are a mix of negative and positive attributes bombarded with lots of choices.  Some of these decisions will be beneficial and some can even cause destruction.  All people can build up their positive thinking and reduce the negative to grow personally and spiritually.

While there are many arguments for keeping negative beliefs, the best reason to change is for following the one true God.  When humans change their thinking at a deep level to predominately loving thoughts, they become closer to their Lord.  God is Love and wants His human creation to love, also.

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