Friday, July 30, 2010

Meeting Susan

My relationship with Susan began over email and phone calls. One of the good but sometimes strange things about working online is that often, there are times where you never meet your client in person. As a web designer, I’ve worked on several projects and had very successful working relationships with people I’ve never met. So when I do get to finally meet someone, it’s always exciting – you never know exactly how things will go but always hope for the best.

I got a chance to first meet Susan in person when she invited me to a health and wellness fair she was attending. I was surprised at how crowded the fair was as I scanned for her booth but I recognized her immediately and went over to say hello.

My first impression was how relaxed and calm Susan was. In this storm of noise and an extremely crowded isle, she seemed completely at ease. Unfortunately, I was not; wrestling with a stroller, a bored toddler and not really enjoying how cramped the space was, I was thrilled to meet but could only speak briefly so we decided to get together later when we would both be “off duty”.

Meeting Susan for the second time, I noticed even more; there is a real calm and warm serenity around Susan that draws you in and instantly sets you at ease. Kind, honest, relaxed and so easy to talk to, she truly listens – a skill I appreciate so much and sometimes I think a lost art form in itself!

As our relationship has changed and grown from client to friend, Susan can always help me put things in perspective, feel more confident and just overall better about any situation with simple truths, compassion and wisdom. That is truly her gift and I'm truly thankful for her.

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