Friday, April 30, 2010

Finding What We Know

Gathering information that expanded my perception of the world and challenged the negative beliefs that ruled my unhappy life was difficult for me to find.  I wanted it to be beneficial and useful, not just weird and exotic.

One way of doing this is checking out what others have found to be the truth for themselves.  This can be accomplished through lots of different mediums but a favorite of mine developed when independent films started to flourish from the advances in technology.

It can be educational and fun to watch a fictional flick, but to really learn a lot about a subject, documentaries are the best.  Since my favorite subjects have been science, spirituality and psychology (which accumulated in college as my degree in Liberal Studies), a must-see film that brings these subjects together in an entertaining, enlightening adventure is What the Bleep Do We Know? that was developed by William Arntz.

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