Friday, January 22, 2010

Skills For Peace

The methods I used on how to switch my thinking ranged from thousands of years old to ones having been developed in the last century and can be found in many resources (including my web site). They are general enough to apply for everyone and powerful enough for lasting change.

The secret to using these skills for obtaining happiness was to implement them with the most beneficial thoughts being a conscious choice. As children, integrating information unconsciously and its acceptance as truth is one of humanity’s wonderful innate survival mechanisms.

However, while these integrated beliefs can be very useful as children, they can now become an obstacle to happiness as adults. The key to overriding this misinformation was to frequently repeat the method along with consciously choosing to replace it with specific beneficial thoughts.

It was not difficult to implement, just being mindful of what I thought and why. What took a long time was gaining this information and recognizing the difference between opinion, truth and reality. Just understanding this difference can be a huge relief and bring a certain amount of peace. But when coupled with changing from distressing thoughts to useful ones, this is truly wondrous peace!

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